How the hashtag counter works?
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Hashtag Counter

Want to know how many hashtags are in your text? With the Hashtag Counter you can easily find the number of hashtags that appear in your text. You can also count a list of hashtags with the Hashtag Counter. The Hashtag Counter helps you to limit or optimize the number of hashtags in your text for your post or content. Just add an existing text into the field and the Hashtag Counter counts all occurring hashtags. You can also directly write your text with hashtags in the field below. Edit and correct your text and hashtags. With a click on the Copy Text button, you can use the text for your post.

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Why are the number of hashtags important?

Why are the number of hashtags important? Instagram, for example, only allows a maximum of 30 hashtags per post. Therefore, it is important to have an overview of the number of hashtags used. You should only use relevant hashtags for your Instagram post and to generate more reach, max out the number of 30 hashtags.The hashtag counter is the ideal tool to quickly and easily create a text with a hashtag. Twitter and TikTok recommends using no more than two hashtags per Tweet and Post, but you're free to use as many as you wish. Don't use spaces in a hashtag and use at least 3 character length.

ALl Hashtag Tools

Generate, create, or analyze hashtags for your social media content.

Hashtag Generator

A hashtag generator which generate top, random or live hashtags and show you the best hashtags you need.

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Hashtag Creator

Creating your own hashtags by using the hashtag creator. Its easy and simple to use with fast directly results.

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Hashtag Counter

Count hashtags in an existing text or create and edit texts with hashtags. The hashtags are counted.

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Hashtag Analytics

Analyzed a hashtag and get some analytic information about your hashtag for your marketing strategy.

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Top Hashtags

Which hashtags are the best? Which hashtags are the most popular? You can find it here.

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